Proper Makeup Etiquette For The Girl On-The-Go


Running from one place to another, whether in early mornings or long commutes, can be rough. Those solid fifteen minutes to an hour sitting on a train can become vital time to get yourself looking and feeling ready for your day. Applying makeup while on public transportation is nothing to be frowned upon or embarrassed about; rather, it can be seen as use of otherwise ‘dead’ time.

Now, there is an etiquette to doing your makeup without disrupting fellow commuters and avoid eye rolls. Here are some Honeybee approved etiquette guidelines to putting on your makeup on-the-go.

Don’t take up more than one seat. We all pay the same price for our cramped commute. Be courteous and limit yourself and your possessions to one seat. The new mother who has been up since 4 a.m. will thank you.

Don’t use strong smelling products. We understand you want to smell nice, but everyone in your train car may not want to smell like you too.

No plucking, clipping, or trimming. There is a fine line between beauty and personal upkeep. Plucking your eyebrows, clipping your nails, or trimming of any sort are habits better kept in your bathroom at home.

Don’t make putting on your makeup an excuse for taking a seat. Common courtesy and giving up your seat for someone else makes your far more beautiful that any amount of makeup can.

Keep it simple. Use multipurpose makeup. You shouldn’t be hauling your entire collection of makeup with you on your commute. Select a handful of quick and easy applicable products that can be used in multiple ways.

Our Honeybee Beauty Ambassador Erin Bell shares “Bathroom toilet paper or paper towels work as a great multitasker to simply blot skin anywhere from an oily t-zone to lips.” Also, speaking of multipurpose, she adds “Lipstick can be used as a last minute blush”.

Share these quick tips with a friend and have a less stressful on-the-go fix up!

AA + BB = CC? No, This Isn’t A Three Stooges Gag

It started out with BB creams. Then brands started adding AA, CC and soon, DD creams to their line ups. What ARE these alphabet creams, and what do they do?

Let’s start out with BB creams, since they’ve been around the longest and seem to be more prevalent than the others. According to Wikipedia, the BB cream “was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patients’ skin after surgery. Introduced to South Korea and Japan in 1985 – where healthy-looking, porcelain skin is heavily prized – the cream was hailed as ‘the secret of Korean actresses,’ and was heavily endorsed by Korean celebrities”. “BB” stands for Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm, or Blemish Base. They are an all-in-one products that claim they can replace several products current sitting on your makeup vanity. Like foundation, they are tinted to even out the skin, contain moisturizers to hydrate, vitamins, brighteners, primers, serums to fight aging and SPF to protect. The SPF factor can vary, so be sure to check the label carefully. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends SPF 30 for daily use. The primer portion of the formula should also be looked at closely. It can include water, silicone, or mineral based ingredients to absorb oil creating a matte finish, or illuminate the skin with light reflecting pigments. BB creams tend to be very moisturizing. Some target a specific skin concerns such as oily, dry, or aging. But again, the basic premise is to be a ‘one formula can do it all’ type of product.

The “CC” creams can stand for Color Correction, Color Control, or Complexion Correction, and promise to provide better coverage with more skin nourishing ingredients to help with more long term effects than their older BB predecessors. CC creams are created to help with current existing skin problems whereas BB creams essentially prevent skin problems. CC creams still have all the ingredients that BB creams have; they’re just amped up.

CC creams may be for you if you have dark under eye circles that are puffy, acne, age spots, or discoloration. Anti-aging properties claim to repair damage, even skin tone and texture, firm and improve elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, brighten complexion, and moisturize. Many contain antioxidants which can limit the production of free-radicals. The texture ranges from a whipped mousse to a heavier cream.

AA stands for Anti-Aging, typically in a cream or moisturizer. These products claim to reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet, sagging, help with blemishes, as well as discoloration. Common ingredients will include retinol, Vitamin C, sunscreen, and anti-oxidants. Interestingly, they don’t seem to be as popular as the BB and CC creams, at least in the US.

And coming soon are DD creams. “Dynamic Do-All” or “Daily Defense” aren’t going to be just for your face. Rather they are heavy duty body and foot creams. DD creams can already be found in Korea, the UK and Japan. DDs coming to the US seem to have more of an anti-aging focus to diminish fine lines and wrinkles over time. So basically, DD can mean a lot of things, except of course making your bra size bigger.

Personally, I have not tried any of these creams. If I’m going outside, I’ll put on an SPF and my Pressed Mineral Foundation over top. As you know, my philosophy for skin has always been “less is more” and “the less you do to your skin, the better.” A tip from those who do use these creams: try before you buy. The color, texture, and benefits differ greatly from product to product. Be sure to read ingredients carefully.

I’m waiting for the following to come out next: EE (Erase Everything), BTS (Better Than Surgery) and RT (Reverse Time).

The Look of Marilyn Monroe

Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Rita Hayworth…these lovely ladies had classic beauty. The old Hollywood glamour make-up look seems to be making a comeback with celebs. Kat Von D, Anne Hathaway, Katy Perry and Gwen Stephanie make it part of their signature look. But unless you’re an A list celeb, this look is generally used for special events. Few people pull this off as an everyday look. So how do you pull off vintage Hollywood red carpet glam without it looking street corner harlot? Here are a few tips:

1. Those ruby red lips: Anyone can pull off ‘the red lip’, regardless of your skin tone. The Hollywood stars of yesteryear had flawless skin to complement their crimson pout but the key to getting this makeup look on point is to choose a color that matches your skin tone. Apply concealer around the outside of your lips to further define them. Honeybee shades to try: Desire, Risqué, Vintage Merlot, Burlesque.

2. Flawless skin: Unless you were born with a porcelain complexion, you may have to use a combination of foundation, concealer, and pressed powder to get that picture perfect look. Start with moisturizing your face, then use concealer to hide any blemishes or dark circles. Next, apply foundation and powder for a flawless finish. Our Pressed Powder Mineral Foundation has buildable coverage, so if your skin is pretty decent to begin with, you may be able to get that hi-def matte look with just one product.

3. Cat Eyes: Always a classic, this makeup look is becoming more of an everyday phenomenon. Check out our May 15, 2013 blog article for details on creating this look.

4. Well-defined brows: Perfectly groomed and defined eyebrows accentuate the eyes and give them a polished look. It seems that all the starlets had a well-defined, dark brow back in the day. Pluck, trim and shape your brows to a perfect arch. Then use a dark brow powder or liner to fill in and shape your eyebrows. Our JobaColors Eye Liner in Brown Sugar is often used for this purpose.

5. Keep eye shadow neutral: Don’t overwhelm your otherwise flawless makeup look with overpowering eye shadow. Use a cream or vanilla color on your eyelids so they aren’t competing with the rest of your face. A neutral palette will also draw more attention to the natural color of your eyes. Our Cosmopolitan Eye Shadow Palette is a good choice, or consider PowderColors shades Flirtatious and Chai.

6. A healthy glow: After achieving that flawless foundation, use a rosy powder blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will give you a nice glow and balance out your vintage inspired makeup look. Think porcelain doll, but don’t overdo it. You just want a hint of color. Try our Healthy Glow Mineral Blush in Kitten or Cherub.

7. Big lashes: It’s not too difficult to create the look of false eye lashes, without actually having to deal with the glue and sticky strips. First, use an eye lash crimper to curl your lashes. Then apply your first coat of mascara, working product from base to tip. Use a spooly or eye lash comb to separate any clumps. Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat, focusing mainly on the tips of the lashes. If your lashes are long enough, you can even go for a third coat, remembering to remove any clumps.

Make Up Tips for Your Big Day

June is a very popular month for weddings. I love it when brides do minimal makeup and go for the more natural look. It’s so important for you to look like YOU in your wedding pictures. After all, these are going to be pics you’ll look back on for the rest of your life! Your fiancé should at least recognize you when you walk down the aisle. There are tons of ‘wedding looks’ and tips out there on the internet, but I’ve made a list of a few I think are important.

Try it: Don’t be afraid to try a few new looks before you’ve decided on what you’d like to do, and be sure to leave enough time to do this. Once you’ve decided on a look, make sure you have a makeup trial before your big day. You want to feel confident in the look you’ve chosen. I suggest your trial should be done in the morning to see how well your look will last throughout the day. Take a photo in natural daylight with a digital camera (not a camera phone) as soon as you have had a makeup trial. The makeup needs to look good on camera as well as face to face. The camera doesn’t lie! It also doesn’t help to get a close friend’s opinion. Or a sister’s. They never lie either!

Big Close Up: We all want flawless skin on our big day. Whether you choose to do a primer and foundation or go au natural, make sure you set your look with Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation. It will keep your skin looking fresh and even without ever getting cakey.

She Has a Glow: While there are some interesting “shine” products available to give a dewy complexion, I would advise against them. In photographs it will be easy to mistake the “glow” for sweat – not nice. Instead, try our Healthy Glow Mineral Bronzer to give you a natural-looking sun-kissed complexion. Apply this to your forehead, cheeks and chin (also your neck if you’re slightly paler there) and apply a little more on the cheeks as a blush.

Don’t Forget Eyebrows: Have them professionally shaped (and if necessary, tinted) before your big day, and enhance them with a neutral brow pencil such as our JobaColors Eye Liner in Brown Sugar. Eyebrows frame your face and it can make a huge difference if you have them professionally shaped.

Perfect Lipstick: It’s an art and a science. Start with clean lips (seems obvious). Personally I tend to have dry lips, so I apply a thin coat of our Orange Mimosa Lip Balm and allow it to penetrate for about five minutes. Next, use our JobaColors Lip Liner to line your lips AND fill in the entire lip. Having a color base will help your lipstick to last longer. Then apply our Truly Natural Lipstick. Some say that applying your lipstick with a brush helps it to last longer, but I disagree. Use a tissue to blot your lipstick gently. Don’t put it between your lips and press down; you’ll remove too much product. Rather lightly dab the tissue against your lips. Then apply a second coat. Some ladies actually do this a third time (dab, reapply). Make sure you don’t have any lipstick on your teeth. Finish with a light application of Luscious Lip Gloss.

Finally remember on your big day to have the following to hand:

  • Cotton swabs to wipe away any smudges under the eyes
  • Tissues which come in handy for wiping tears and blotting oily spots
  • Your lipstick should you need a touch up
  • Your Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation to blot away any sweaty patches
  • Breath freshener (you will be doing lots of kissing – alcohol breath is not very attractive!)

Lastly remember that the day goes by VERY fast. This is YOUR day. Take the time to do things at your pace, and make sure you’re enjoying yourself.

Be Cool…No Need for a Meltdown

Wicked Witch

“I’m melting!” screeched the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. No one wants to feel like that when they’re out in the sun wearing make-up. Try these tips to keep your face looking cool and fresh.

1. Start with a clean face. Make sure your skin is just washed and free of any oily residue from cleansers or moisturizers. The more pure the canvas, the more pure the finished work of art (you!).

2. Less is more. Skip the heavy foundation. Not only is the natural look preferred while you’re having fun outside, it also helps to prevent makeup from melting. Apply a light layer of our Pressed Powder Mineral Foundation on your complexion before applying the rest of your makeup. This acts as a barrier on your skin against the heat, making it harder for your makeup to melt off right away. I prefer to use our Kabuki Brush to apply the powder, as it yields a more even, flawless result.

3. Blot, blot away! Instead of attacking forehead sheen with a ton of powder, makeup artists first take away excess oil with blotting papers. And blot, don’t wipe. Wiping only smears your make up. I always have napkins or tissues on hand to blot away “the shinys”. If your skin is still a little shiny after blotting, follow up with a light dusting of pressed powder. This keeps skin from looking cakey.

4. Stay hydrated. A quick spritz of our Hydrosol Face & Body Mist goes a long way to refreshing and resetting your make-up, and it feels and smells great. Plus it’s 100% natural.

5. Stick it to the lips. Personally if I know I’m going to be outside for any length of time, I use our JobaColors Lip Liner all over my lips and follow up with a light coating of our Orange Mimosa Lip Balm. The lip liner seems to last longer on my lips, and the lip balm gives my lips a dewy appearance. If you prefer a lipstick, apply a light coating of foundation powder on your lips before applying your lipstick. The powder helps the lipstick adhere to your lips longer.

6. Keep it light. Color that is. Have you ever been embarrassed by your dark eye shadow melting, forming dark creases on your eyelids? With neutral eye shadows like the shades in our Cosmopolitan palette, this issue is easier to conceal. Lighter shades are still prone to melting but hiding it and fixing the problem will be more convenient for you.

7. No floating heads. Don’t neglect the rest of your body. That means making sure that arms, legs, and décolletage are smooth and glowing too. Avoid the “floating face effect” which is when your face is an entirely different color than the rest of you. Ensure that doesn’t happen by using less make up, and brushing a little bit of our Mineral Bronzer on your shoulders and chest.